Application Integration

Application Integration

If your enterprise maintains a host of disparate, distributed applications built with the technology-of-the-day and utilizing non-standard data storage methods, our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services focused on the end-to-end enterprise-wide system integration are your emergency exit. Besides reconciling your entrepreneurial activities with the accumulated business data and the way it is being leveraged across the enterprise, we provide expert advice on the right mix of technology and tools for modeling and automating your business processes to enable real-time information sharing and its integrity across multiple systems, as well as higher organizational efficiency.


As a mature software development outsourcing provider skilled in distributed project management, at Ajel we know how to make EAI a smooth, prompt, and cost-efficient process void of bottlenecks associated with the expenditures, time, resource availability and subject matter competence level. Our offshore/nearshore software development centers located across Russia, Hungary, Belarus, and Ukraine bring the benefits of specific skills availability, scalability, broad technology and domain expertise.

Our (EAI) enterprise application development integration solution practice helps clients deal with the today’s challenges of business integration. Today’s IT systems are made up of diverse elements- hardware, operating systems and software applications. e.g. applications run on different platforms and are written in different languages. Data files are of different types, held in different sites and accessed in different ways. Thus, the major challenge for IT in addressing business integration is managing this diversity.

Offshore enterprise application integration services involves data-level, application interface-level, method-level, and user interface-level. it requires technologies such as warehouse, portal, wireless and web services applications. outsourced enterprise application integration (EAI) focuses on sharing both business data and business process. our business domain knowledge and rich experience in various business areas certainly give us an edge in effectively handling of the various offshore enterprise application integration challenges supply chain integration (SCI), customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration

Our EAI service competence targets the following areas:

  • Enterprise Information Integration for consistent data storage across multiple systems
  • Process integration for linking business processes across the applications
  • Vendor independence for implementing the business rules extracted from the existing corporate applications in the EAI system
  • EAI as a common front-end for a cluster of disparate applications for added user experience in interacting with the internal systems

We deliver strengths in middleware integration, legacy systems integration, as well as expertise with EDI, XML and HIPAA standards, by providing:

  • Enterprise Application Integration Strategy and Consulting
  • Solution Scoping
  • Risk Assessment
  • Enterprise Application Integration Product Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Enterprise Application Integration Architecture and Design
  • Implementation of End-to-End Enterprise Application Integration solutions
  • Workflow, Process Modeling and Interface Design
  • Post Implementation Support and Service