Application Outsourcing

Application Outsourcing

CIOs around the world must demonstrate how IT can help their company achieve its business objectives. One common challenge is to make the transition from systems-centric, cost-based IT to capitalize on the advantages of value-based IT.


Ajel’s Application Outsourcing services provide IT solutions that support organizational needs, enabling you to minimize costs, improve efficiency and create a competitive advantage.


  • Gain significant reduction in IT operating expenses Improves interaction with customers
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Improves competitiveness
  • Maximize return on investment by improving the performance of your application portfolio


  • Application Management
  • Application Development
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Portfolio Strategy
  • Application Testing

Application Management

Companies rely on IT not only to reduce costs, but to add value to their business. Ajel is proud to be distinguished as a global SAP-certified provider of application management services. Ajel can help you identify and implement necessary changes to ensure a cost-effective, efficient and innovative IT estate.

  • Innovating to Maximize the Use of Technology
  • Application Management Tailored to Your Changing Needs
  • IT Resources that Match Business Needs
  • Sharing Risk and Responsibility
  • Providing Cutting-edge Solutions

Application Development

Businesses may lack the resources—or imperative—to make the leap towards Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Ajel’s Application Development solution offers a way for companies to evolve into Service-Oriented Enterprises at their own pace.

  • Your Guide to Application Development
  • Evolve into a Service-Oriented Enterprise
  • A Comprehensive and Collaborative Approach

Application Modernization

Businesses seeking to optimize the value of past IT investments reduce the complexity of their application portfolio and lower costs need look no further than Ajel’s Application Modernization solution.

Ajel uses pioneering methods and technologies to unlock latent value in your company’s IT estate. We work with you to increase the flexibility of individual applications by improving interoperability between legacy systems and incorporating recently-migrated business functionalities and external systems.

Combining old and new applications and using pre-packaged and bespoke solutions, we can help you:

  • Increase the business value of past IT investments
  • Lower costs and improve the return on your IT investments
  • Reduce the complexity of your application portfolio
  • Limit adverse environmental impact through migration to energy-efficient hardware
  • Mitigate production risk resulting from unsupported systems
  • Finance a modernization program that is based on savings in sustained pricing and associated with future returns

Application Portfolio Strategy

Research by the former Chief Investment Officer of the US Department of Defense found no link between profit and annual IT spending. The conclusion is that how much you spend on IT is less important than what you spend it on. Ajel helps you make those crucial decisions.

Managing a company’s IT estate can be daunting. We can help you meet the dual challenge of reducing IT costs and using applications to add value to your business.

Ajel is a leader in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and has been at the vanguard of its evolution and implementation around the world. We have created our own Business Service Architecture Framework, Infrastructure Design Framework and roadmap for developing Service-Oriented infrastructure, and are leading the field in developing open standards.

Application Testing

Reduce your costs and incorporate outsourcing into your operations with minimal risk. Separation of development and testing functions is key to ensuring high-quality software. Ajel’s application testing offers an opportunity to reduce costs and incorporate outsourcing into your operations with minimal risk.

  • An International Community of Dedicated Testing Specialists
  • Application Testing to Suit Every Need
  • Global Testing Center of Excellence