SAP Solutions

SAP Solutions

Ajel delivers end-to-end SAP solutions and services to customers across industry verticals. Progressive organizations in all verticals invest in SAP initiatives to offer better value to their customers by ensuring they stay ahead of competition by implementing the best practices across all their operations.


SAP Pratice @ Ajel

Ajel delivers end-to-end SAP solutions and services to customers across industry verticals. Progressive organizations in all verticals invest in SAP initiatives to offer better value to their customers by ensuring they stay ahead of competition by implementing the best practices across all their operations. SAP solutions are an enabler of their initiatives and Ajel, with its SAP expertise, helps customers succeed in these transformational initiatives.

Our SAP solutions are based on our team’s extensive project experience and focused strategy on SAP. We work in close cooperation with SAP to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers. Through our proven expertise, we help our global customers maximize the RoI of SAP investments as well as focus on the KPIs of business. Our Global Delivery Model and established approach to address business challenges help organizations accomplish their SAP initiatives.

In-Depth Industry Experience

Our highly skilled, professional SAP consultants have at least five years or more experience and most have worked in industrial management prior to joining our team. This first-hand experience adds to their understanding of your particular needs and challenges. Many customers find when talking to us that their problem is not unique and our team already has a range of smart, proven solutions they can leverage.

Industry Sectors

Our team has broad industry expertise, having developed successful solutions for a wide portfolio of industry sectors – from chemical and utility companies, to government corporations and major retail chains.

The company has built a strong team that is focused on SAP projects – customization, enhancement and implementation with deep skills in the various SAP modules and industry expertise in various verticals of relevance to customers.


  • SAP professional services
  • Advanced SAP centered solutions
  • SAP implementation services
  • Offshore SAP support

SAP Professional Services

Ajel offers a resource pool of resources, each having experience of at least three full life cycle SAP implementations. These resources work with project teams of SAP users as well as with large SAP implementation partners.

Capabilities in the resource pool include:

  • Program and project management
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • Functional consulting and configuration management in SAP modules, including APO, CRM and BW
  • BASIS activities like installation, administration and troubleshooting of SAP systems
  • ABAP activities like developing complex ABAP/4 Reports (both Classical and Interactive), Batch Data Communication Programs, User Exits, SAP Scripts and Dialog Programs related to SAP R/3 modules
  • Interface development using ALE, BAPI and IDOC technologies

Advanced SAP Centered Solutions

Ajel leverages its high-end resource pool of SAP skills, domain expertise and Solution Blueprint application development framework to offer advanced SAP-centered solutions in the following areas:

  • Spend Data Management, which involves extracting spend data from SAP and other procurement systems at the enterprise backbone, transforming and loading them into a data warehouse and then delivering Real-time Spend Compliance and Detailed Spend Visibility
  • Expense Claims Management, a workflow-based solution framework that supports the entire claims processing life cycle of an enterprise including claims submission, advance application, multilevel approvals, payment transfers and financial postings to the SAP R/3 at the enterprise backbone
  • High-end SAP Consulting. For example, studies for defining skills and models for estimating Full-time Equivalents (FTEs) for large SAP Competence Centers

SAP Implementation Services

Ajel offers a range of SAP implementation services including new implementations, version upgrades and migrations from other packages to SAP. It uses the standard Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Methodology, enhanced by expertise in the Dual Shore Delivery Model. Alliances with globally reputed consulting companies help bring in strong skills in program management and change management, which are vital for the success of large and complex implementations involving a multiplicity of existing systems, locations and business units.

The standard ASAP phases from ‘Project Preparation’ through ‘Go Live & Support’ need no elaboration. Mentioned below are some of the enhanced elements of ASAP Methodology:

Change Management

For large and complex projects, Ajel includes change management experts in its implementation team. The company suggests methods like training, communication and team building workshops to bring about change management.

Dual Shore Delivery Model

The dual shore delivery model works by breaking down a project into various phases, and selecting the physical location for the execution of each phase in such a manner that time-to-market is reduced, quality is maintained (if not improved) and costs are brought down.


For SAP product training, Ajel follows the training guidelines provided in the ASAP methodology. During the ‘Business Blueprint’ phase, the ‘To-Be’ processes are finalized. During the ‘Realization ‘phases, the individual processes in various modules are tested with the super users and, simultaneously, training material for the end-user training is prepared. The end-user training is done during the ‘Final Preparation’ phase as per the standard ASAP methodology. The delivery will include a training framework. Ajel develops training manuals and conduct training in accordance with the training plan.

Offshore SAP Support

Help Desk Functional Support Technical Support


  • One source for all corporate information
  • Improves system processes and workflow management
  • Reduces process time by 50
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Transfers knowledge of experience and best practices
  • Reduces system development and maintenance costs
  • Reduces cost of operations
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Improves purchase planning and financial control
  • Improves management decision-making based on faster and more accurate information
  • Reduces data entry time resulting from truly integrated systems
  • Generates common reporting throughout the organization
  • Improves customer relations