API Strategy And Management

Drive Revenues With API-Based Digital Strategies

Ajel has cutting-edge specialization to align API strategies with your broader technical and business objectives and encourage a mindset that leads to participation in the API-based economy. If you’re seeking to dominate this era of extreme connectivity with high-performance API strategy and management solutions, connect with our experts today.

Drive Revenues with API-based Digital Strategies


APIs have evolved to be the bedrock on which today’s digital economy rests. Extending beyond the role of IT pathways, APIs are capable of disrupting enterprise connectivity at unprecedented levels to provide seamless experiences. This has inspired the trend of API monetization. While some companies offer free, open APIs to connect with widespread developer communities, a few handpicked organizations monetize them and create new lines of business. These organizations have rich digital assets that are uniquely positioned to charge for API access and deliver incremental business value. So, the pressing question is – how do they do it? The answer lies in creating a well-articulated API strategy and its future-focused management. When you have a robust API strategy, you can truly start to turn the API consumer into an API champion.

Ajel understands that APIs are intrinsic to the growth of digital enterprises in today’s age. However, we also recognize that transforming an existing business to the one where APIs drive revenue growth and deliver customer value is difficult. To overcome this challenge, we can help you create a comprehensive, robust, and user-friendly API strategy that powers the transition to the new, uber-connected world with a promise of adaptability and resilience.

We build API strategies and collaborate with clients to keep them ahead in days of an always-on, hyper-connected business environment. Our solutions help enterprises reimagine business models that integrate new revenue channels, unlock ecosystem opportunities, and boost co-creation of value. Our team of highly-experienced API architects and developers provides engaging experiences that delight customers at all levels. To achieve your API goals, we deploy API Management platforms to help you deliver cumulative experiences through environmental testing, version upgrades, service-level agreements (SLAs), and post-deployment support.

Our API Maturity Methodology

  • API Assessment

We assess your existing API landscape with an eye for detail. Our experts closely look into different aspects to identify and eliminate the blind spots and strive to handle fragmentations with a tight and responsive approach.

  • API Workshops

We conduct a series of workshops to understand the current business state. Through aggressive research into trends, competition, and your business maturity, we aim to create a strategy that helps you keep pace with the API economy and expands your profit pools sustainably in the future.

  • API Roadmap

We deliver a roadmap with well-defined metrics on return on investments and outcome-based milestones. Our API strategy blueprint is pragmatically divided into various aspects and serves as a focal point for new opportunities that arise from the digitization of business.

Key API Strategy and Management Services

  • API Security and API Gateways Implementation:

Our experts restrict access to your internal APIs and leverage open standards and authentication patterns, namely OAuth, JWT, and SAML to defend your API landscape from DoS and hacker attacks. Further, by implementing API gateways and protecting them with API keys, we put efficient control mechanisms in place for publishing and monitoring APIs in a secure and scalable environment.

  • API Lifecycle Management:

Our experts adopt industry-leading methods to model, code, test, and manage APIs and help you use them effectively to nurture innovation and value. We have a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for defining and executing API Management services ranging from ideation, security to modernization.

  • API Portal Implementation:

Our API portals effectively act as a global repository for your APIs, open new fields of collaboration and learning, and improve expandability to scale with demand. Having a flair for building and embedding multi-tenancy infrastructures, our experts allow users to get started with APIs with complete flexibility.

  • API Analytics and Monetization:

We track and analyze which APIs are performing the best and chart out a monetization roadmap with a breakdown on success and future planning.