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In the digital age, retail stores have to deliver exceptional customer experiences to remain competitive. It’s essential to manage all store processes and automate numerous manual operations effectively. What they need is retail software that provides store staff with powerful tools to run operations seamlessly and complete tasks on time.

At Retail IT, our aim is to help our customers to find a business solution that suits them.


At Ajel we are equipped to help you identify the driving causes, current trends and consequences of a transformation in retail triggered by technology. We help you strategize and deliver radical changes in the capacity of complete Retail IT Solutions & Technology Services that includes hardware and software, mobile telecommunications, apps, IoT and sensor-based solutions, and other contemporary technologies for you to make the necessary shift to sustain and prosper in the new world of consumer driver’s market.

Moreover, we develop and deliver a new way of thinking for you where customer-centricity is valued by all employees across levels within the organization. We create Retail IT Solutions & Technology Services that embed this philosophy within your organization’s daily tasks.

With a combination of extensive desk and field research, interviews with leading retailers and technologists, together with the real-world experience of practitioners in this area, we inspire and help store retailers to make the necessary transformation now to win in the new consumer-driven world.

Technology has long played a pivotal role in retailing. Telecommunications, bar codes, electronic data interchange, escalators, have all added tremendous value to the business. Today however the Retail IT Solutions & Technology Services industry is in the grip of a revolution powered by digital technology whose speed and the pace is faster than any technology ever before. Moreover, unlike the previous technologies, today’s era is about consumer-driven technology.

Business Segments

Specialty Retailer

Specialty Retailers must address issues such as efficient inventory management, complex supply chains, and competition with mass market retailers while simultaneously dealing with uncertain customer demands and increasing customer expectations.

At Ajel, we believe that winning competitive strategies are developed through a unique mix of out-of-the-box innovation, excellence in execution, and flexibility to deal with unforeseen challenges.

Fashion & Apparel

The fast-moving nature of fashion and changing consumer choices require apparel companies to stay extra nimble or risk stagnation. The shopping experience, whether on an iPad or browsing in the store, is as important as the product itself. This presents a set of challenges requiring a unique approach and differentiated solutions. To succeed amid these changing dynamics and compete with newer entrants, companies need to rethink their end-to-end value chain and capabilities with cutting-edge technologies.


Modern Restaurants and QSR establishments are continuously striving to deliver excellent customer service combined with a unique customer experience while at the same time keeping costs low and maintaining quick service times. Supply chain digitalization and social media interactions have massively impacted the industry and recommendations from diners are key to growth in this dynamic market. Ajel offers a wide range of solutions to our Restaurant and QSR clients enhancing customer relationships, increasing supply chain efficiency, and managing employees to deliver greater profits and lower costs.