Enterprise-wide collaboration capabilities are the cornerstones of today’s manufacturing companies across the Automobile, Aerospace, High-Tech, and industrial domains, among others. The global manufacturing scenario is rapidly changing, with companies operations spanning continents. The need for an efficient supply-chain network is driving companies to adopt sophisticated manufacturing IT solutions.

Enabling enterprise-wide collaboration


Ajel provides comprehensive manufacturing enterprise solutions, directed towards creating a collaborative network to enable you to enhance profitability and deliver customer value. We offer manufacturing frameworks across the entire manufacturing spectrum, including,

Service Offerings

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Manufacturing Execution system

We, at Ajel, leverage our extensive industry experience and diverse domain knowledge to enable resource optimization and asset utilization, and deliver solutions customized to achieve your business goals.

Each manufacturing company has distinct automation and collaboration needs, which are reflected in the enterprise solutions they choose. In addition to the end to end services portfolio, Ajel´s Manufacturing solutions practice has experience in creating customized solutions for Engineer-To-Order (ETO) and Manufacture-To-Order (MTO) companies. We focus on enhancing both the reach and depth of information, in addition to reducing its latency.